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Enjoy the amazing tastes of LESVOS

The inhabitants of Lesvos have always been productive and creative. Self-dependant in goods from the fruitful land and rich seas with the disposition to turn their way of life into an art, they developed unique gastronomic combinations. Complicated  recipes from pure, traditional ingredients lead to particular flavours with  exceptional taste.

Earthly flavours with meat and vegetables. Sougania (onion meatballs), vine leaves staffed with rice, zucchini flowers staffed with rice or cheese, zucchini balls, onion pies, little cheese pies, sweet smelling homemade pasta, pies with herbs and cheese, sfouggato (vegetable marrow speciality),  festive kiskieki, beef with clams, meat with celery, meat with cabbage or fricassee are some of the characteristic dishes that one might enjoy together with the fine wines of Lesvos.

Flavours with the aroma of the sea with fresh fish and various shell-fish. Grilled octopus, clams with rice or spinach, stuffed squid, fried shrimps, fish in oven with garlic and tomato, and many other appetisers, cooked in pure olive oil  and always accompanied with sweet smelling ouzo of Mytilene.

Sweet flavours that welcome you hospitably. Baklava, home made spoon sweets, almond specialities, rice pudding,  pasteli from figs, mizithrohalvas (sweetmeat with mizithra cheese) dough puffs, clam sweets that melt in your mouth and fill your soul with exquisite aroma and a nostalgia for the good old times.

Gastronomy is an art of life and the people of Lesvos know it quite well. Nature offers its fruits in abundance and they created the "Aeolean Cuisine" where flavours compete each other in taste and uniqueness and therefore establish Lesvos as the "Land of Gastronomy". Since the people of Lesvos are famous food lovers, it is easy for one to find good food in the local taverns.

From the local products renowned are:

The olive oil and also the ladotyri - cheese matured in olive oil, a specialty of the island. Salted preserves. The most famous are the Kalloni Gulf sardines. Candies, hand made pasta, cookies, sauces, jams, wines and of course the world wide famous ouzo of Lesvos. One can buy locally produced food staffs and artefacts from shops or from women’s cooperatives.